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to make a difference

A National Compugen Adventure Event

Compugen National Solutions Architect, Julian Galley, takes to the road in support of Alzheimer Society of Canada, cycling from Compugen’s office in Calgary, AB to Compugen headquarters in Richmond Hill, ON.

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Julian Galley is currently the Lead Azure Solutions Architect on Compugen’s Cloud Team. He has been an integral part of Compugen’s Datacenter and Cloud practice for 14 years, consulting on, designing, and implementing technology solutions for Canadian customers from coast to coast. A proud father of his 19-year-old twin son and daughter, Julian currently resides in Calgary, Alberta, and is an avid cyclist and skier. His mother, Joan, has been on her journey with dementia over the past decade. This in addition to traveling across Canada to take his son to university sparked the idea for Julian’s ride in support of Alzheimer Society of Canada.  

Rider specs

Age: 52 
Height: 6’3” 
Weight: 205lbs 
Functional Threshold Power: 260 (2.8 Watts/Kilo) 

“I got the idea for this event driving back to Calgary from Ontario. When my kids started university last fall my daughter headed west to BC and my son went east to Ontario. My son and I drove out together and that was lots of fun, and his excitement was contagious. During the long hours behind the wheel over three days on my way home, the ideas for this event started to come together in my head. Could I ride my bike from Calgary to Richmond Hill, Ontario? Well, thanks to Compugen’s support and sponsorship, we are going to find out. My vision is that this event brings our customers, business partners, colleagues, family, and friends together in an event that showcases how Compugen approaches the transformational cloud journey with our customers and raises funds for a cause that has taken many of our loved ones on a different kind of journey.” 

Julian Galley

the journey

to make a difference

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